Sep. 1st, 2010

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Cross-posting from LJ to Twitter and/or Facebook is now possible. I know that some of my friends on LJ are not excited about LJ's cross-posting. Cross-posting is not the default, and once it is enabled, users can decide to either opt in or out on a post-by-post or comment-by-comment basis. I will be a Luddite about this extra cross-posting fun, at least until I see what people who use the two Connects feel about it.

Here's the relevant info: Twitter and Facebook Connect do provide a link back to the original post in LJ. At the very least, your LJ username may be revealed from a cross-posted comment, if not the entire content of a friends-locked entry.

Personally I meet people online, and online we all exist as separate entities. Some people make separate accounts based on their separate interests and/or needs. There are issues of safety as well. Not everybody wants an angry ex or a coworker to be privy to ranting about politics or the latest sporting event.

Recently an LJ friend of mine complained that LinkedIn only allowed her to have one career or one identity. It got me thinking about how people form their online persona.

For me, the internet is a place of connection. I love having an LJ where I meet people who share similar interests and I love having a DW where I meet people who share similar interests. I grit my teeth and bear it with Facebook for my friends and family and update it only via Twitter. I browse MySpace because it allows me to listen and buy music without iTunes from bands who care about having a MySpace but who may not have a label. I Tweet videos from YouTube, knowing that they go to Facebook.

Ultimately, I send all of these bits out to the internet as myself. I think I'm lucky, in that, I wouldn't really mind if people saw the things I wrote about or posted. I've had an LJ account for five years, its not all perfect, but its a pretty accurate picture of who I am and have been and what I'm up to these days.

Appropriately, I cross-posted this from DreamWidth.

How have you been handling the cross-posting madness? Do you think enabling cross-posting delays the inevitable decline in users for an online service? Do you think cross-posting is ridiculous? Useful?


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